Video and data that are in sync on-site, are synced back together on a remote location. Any signal path, any codification, any data link.


Equipment in remote locations act as if they were generated there.


Video can be replayed, data will follow.

Remote production, the way it should be.

Use cases

Basic remote production
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Create on-site, produce remotely.
Reduce the equipment you need to freight over the world.

Multi-version graphics
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Using the data being synced by the system, it is possible to create, from a single video and data feed, different versions of the same production. By language By graphic design By data level

Distributed remote production
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Produce once, each final broadcaster has its own version using only one Satellite link.

TUBOC Resync, what is it and what do you need it for?
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You need video/data resync to achieve real remote production, even if you didn’t know it Remote production is a hot topic at the moment. The ability to produce content optimizing the quantity of mobilized equipment and personnel is a trend … Leer más